Gowalla Tools News

A few weeks ago I posted to let you know that the Gowalla Tools map was broken (as was the map on Gowalla.com) in that it was showing the oldest spots first rather than the newest ones.  It turns out I was slightly wrong as it’s actually showing the most popular (determined by number of check-ins) rather than the oldest (although by virtue of being older a spot generally has more check-ins).

I’ve notified Gowalla of the problem so hoping a fix will come along soon (although I’ll be adding a feature so you can switch between oldest and newest for those of you item hunting) but whilst it’s broken I thought it’d be fun to see where the most popular places on the planet are!

Unsurprisingly, it’s Austin and San Francisco.  I should have seen that coming.

Newest spots become oldest

Some of you have noticed (thanks @trumper) that the Gowalla Tools Map is currently showing you the 200 oldest spots rather than the 200 most recent spots.  I’ve been playing around with the code this morning and unfortunately this is a problem with Gowalla as their maps are all suffering the same fate (if you go to http://gowalla.com/spots you’ll find that sorting by “Newest” actually shows you the oldest)

As soon as they fix it then ours will be working again :)

Bug Fixes - 27th Feb 2010

The following changes have been made to Gowalla Tools today:

iPhone Web App

  • Fixed “null” error for total number of Visitors when viewing nearby spots
  • Fixed “null” error for total number of Check-ins when viewing nearby spots
  • Increased number of nearby spots displayed from 20 to 40